Monday, February 06, 2006

Ex Pat brushes up Superbowl XL

If you are a sulking Seahawks fan you will enjoy taking jabs at the NFL's longest tenured coach here It's fun! (we don't condone anything but a little fun here, congrats on the victory Steelers!)

The game is over, 21-10, Steelers with less points than I predicted, yet the same result.
This blog is an open forum where anybody can post anything worthwhile and a place to find answers about life abroad, and about yourself.

I recently posted my 10th show and I think it went well. I have had a few readers ask if I could post the transcript of Spanish in English, perhaps someday, but I work too much to go back and edit that right now, I have moved on.

So, who watched the Superfiesta last night 'eh? I was out buying school supplies at Carrefore until halftime, where I clicked on nfl dot com to see the the game had already started.

I headed over to an ex-pat sports bar that I had never gone to before, Remembering the Alamo. I had a similar experience there as I did with the Kilkenny, it was crazy full of really loud drunk men and women yelling things like, "Hola cervsa for da pittburgh piratezzz!!!" The Pirates, of course, aren't a football team, and weren't even playing. I digress, I had a decent time, but remember why I disliked sports bars, they seem to be mostly about work our regimes and listening to people talking about the drinks they are having at that particular moment, i.e "Now this beer IS GOOD BRO!, I had one of these microbrews before them were cool." Sorry Charlie, a good beer is good beer, when the Chinese invented it, they did it to make people happy, not to bring us down with your cool story. Other storied examples are where the punchline of an epic tale serves the story, because it fits in the tale at that perfect moment "... guess what guy...I was drunk!" For instance, "Dude I got so drunk that.. ha ha." Sorry about the drunken banter, but it was really incredibly obnoxious I also saw a 70 year early old Joe Gibbs look alike there who flauntingly thought it was OK to grope a waitress just because she needed to get past him and he knew the word, mujero- which has a pretty funny incorrect translation, "sick bastard," I thought to myself. The waitress was visibly upset and the 200 kilo bartender seemed about as moved from her concerns and he was moved when we all witnessed Rothlisberger's interception. Not at all.

It was great watching that pass from the running back to Ward, though. Gotta love Ward, he did everything in that second half. It looked like the guy with the Santana hair did a lot too what was his name? I was rooting for the Seahawks, who did worse than I thought (see previous post), but Hasselbeck got some bad calls, and the receivers weren't paying at the same level, I think the Pack couldn't taken them that game too.

Well, I will post another show of ultra-fly music tomorrow... "That's right I said it."
Tune in.

(This guy at the bar last night looked nearly identical to this guy here, they even showed his photo during the superbowl and it was unreal... say it aint so Joe.)


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