Saturday, February 11, 2006

What it is?
Thanks for tuning in. I have news. 1 to 3 interviews tomorrow. whoa whoa whao! I wont post them all, BUT, I will play them all by next TUES. Promise.

Other news. I want a Buenos Aires DJ, other podcasters from abroad and *hopefully* Jay Kay of Jamiroquai fame. Pipe dream, MAY-B. But, things change, such as the English language starting sentences with but & those who (like me) want to give back to the local community. I have been a big fan, seen them live in Mo-town, and think I am a great candidate to show them a quality time here.

In any case, thanks for the emails Drew, Rob, and Ghada; all of them have been wonderful enough to email me multiple times in that last 24 hours regarding possible shows. Well, Drew and Ghada really, but much respect to Rob he introduced, Gizmo to me and introduced me to podcasting in the last 48 hours. Very cool folk.
But, but, but, I would LOVE to interview Jay of Jjams. I have turned hundreds if not thousands of people on to the band since their first album, a deadhead actually turned me on to them. In any case, I have been with them through up's and downs (not everything we do is gold) and would love to have Jay on as a guest in my town when he visits Buenos Aires in a few weeks.

We'll see. I'll keep you posted... and for those that really don't dig their sounds please do not hold it against me, I'm a fan and I stand my ground.

much love.



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