Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Who´s afraid of Virginia´s technology?

If ship leaves from Virgina going 30 knots with high winds blowing eastward, how much time does a package take to reach the first port of Spain?

Ask Fed Ex. Or simply know that they will charter commercial airline cargo space to get package their the swiftest and would bother with a cargo ship. This improved time efficiently is acheived with... technology.

So the romantic idea of travelling by boat to Europe and South America is not what it used to be. The grinding gears of masculinity and heavy steal put together by hard working men... right?

Nope. The ship is burning the arcane fuel of diesel probaley bought from the mid east which came over on Scandinavian ships powered by Asian technology. The workers are probabley from all sorts of countries and I bet that their are a few women on the crew or working the ports where they heavey handed die hards collect govnerment checks which they can cash at an ATM or use to but things off of ebay from the middle east, Denmark, or even big baby China herself.

So what does technology have to do with Virginia? What does the Pentagon have to do with war? What does the state motto have to do with anything? Everything?

State Motto - "Sic Semper Tyrannis" (Thus Always to Tyrants)

So where does this post lead us and where are we headed as a culture? Well as George Washington used the technology of his day and did indeed have wooden teeth, you can expect the state of his birthright to continue along these lines, think big, whilst sending official email communications and perpetuating envirnomental damage in the name of commerce and killing off (Papilio glaucus linne) and dreams of wille mcgee that cardinal, perhaps even sometimes called the state bird.

Have a lovely day.


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