Tuesday, June 13, 2006

3 is the magic number, but not always for you.

3 to 0...

That was the score in the opening match that the USA team recieved vs. the Czech republic. I work a a school across the street from the Czech republic and was ready to throw eggs. ( I heard the coach was upset, well I am upset that the coach is the coach, the team looked sallow and weak. Were they trying to hide behined the monsturous Czech players when a pass was made?


They only took 3 goal shots the whole game, hence they didn´t even try to win, at best they could have tied, what a pitifull effort

Here is a video with the same kids from yesterday´s video raising a flag downtown Buenos Aires at Nueve de Julio.

You can recognize the guy hitting the drum at the end of this video and the fellow raising the flag is in a picture I´m adding a little later. I´m busy today, like I said, I gotta get going.


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