Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Skype. Cell phones and VOIP abroad.

I am a big fan on IM technologt and often use it when I travel country to country. One of my favorites is Skype.

I also like sexy veggies... uhem...

If you want to Skype me, just add TeacherTraining to your list.

Here is some stuff tha some people wrote about Voip tha I thought you may like...

Rick Jones <> wrote: The free version of Skype (and probably other VoIP applications) is nice, but there's a problem with it. The problem is, the person you want to talk to either has to be online and running Skype in order to make a contact, or you have to have made a pre-arranged contact time.

Here's one little solution to that problem in calling from abroad back to the United States or Canada.

Using this web site (, you can notify the person for free via their telephone that you are online and want to Skype them.

Simply fill in the form and enter it. A minute or so later, their phone rings, and when they answer, a computerized voice gives them the message you wrote, e.g., "Please open up your Skype application.

Use "0" for VoiceID and "0" for LicenseKey.

You can also try this web site, which gives a few more options in terms of the voice that speaks:


Rick Jones


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