Friday, June 02, 2006

8:55ish means sometime today.

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4. ¿Sabías que...
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1. It has come to my attention that posting at 8:55am every day is a job that conflicts with living life to its fullest, oh how did I error? In any case, I will still be posting every weekday and will try to hit the disclosed time amap (as much as possible.)

2. Wouldn't you know that the benefit dinner I went to last night tuned into a break dancing fiesta. I will post a video of the club I went to this weekend. It's Friday and there is much work to be done.

3. In other news... Eight expat oil workers kidnapped from Nigeria rig

This is alarming, but not surprising. I see this sort of behavior increasing drastically as the monetary rewards are quite alluring for the assailants. I suggest the oilmen view Waterworld and that movie with ray liotta about seclusion, power, and the future. These are not good movies, but there are lessons to be learned.

Web users to 'patrol' US border / EE.UU.: crean patrulleros virtuales


The idea of Big Brother was one of fiction, but when you see how omnipresent the use of media is on keeping people in check it is astounding. The native american nations have been reported to have thought that taking a photo of a person would capture their soul. It seems to me that video will actually be doing that to the ancestors of a native people.

4. ¿Sabías que...

... el Rey de España Don Juan Carlos I no es natural del país en el que reina ya que nació en Roma (Italia) el 5 de enero de 1938 porque su familia estaba en el exilio en ese momento?
... el doctor Robert Koch, famoso por haber descubierto el bacilo de la tuberculosis (1882), también descubrió el bacilo del cólera en 1883?

5. Kürzlich Verstorbene

Raymond Davis Jr. (91), US-amerikanischer Chemiker († 31. Mai)
Shōhei Imamura (79), japanischer Filmregisseur († 30. Mai)
Robert Sterling (88), US-amerikanischer Schauspieler († 30. Mai)
Weitere kürzlich Verstorbene


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