Thursday, July 20, 2006


foto: Mis amigos en Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires there is a barrio or neighbourhood, which although it is a bit away from the centre of the city has, thanks to its beautiful buildings, sufficient character of its own to be taken into account at the moment of choosing lodgings. Specifically if and when we are talking about longer stays.

Caballito is in many respects very similar to the residential district of Belgrano, located in the central eastern part of the city. It lacks nothing and has nothing to envy any other part of town in regards to services. To stay or live in Caballito is an attractive option for anyone.
Its tree shaded Avenidas and streets is the perfect frame for its old well conserved patrician apartment buildings that have been totally renovated in order to offer all modern comforts to those new generation that live in them today.

The Avenida Pedro Goyena and the streets that cross it make up the heart of the best residential area in Caballito. Puán, Miró, Emilio Mitre and Víctor Martínez are but a few of the neighbouring beautiful streets. The Avenida Rivadavia offers a very fluid connection with the central parts of the city and is also one of the main commercial streets in the city.

To get to Caballito one can use one of the "colectivos" from the port part of the city, or else the Underground or subway on Avenida Rivadavia or else also the rail tram of the Sarmiento line.

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