Monday, February 13, 2006

"I Heart NZ" Valentine Special...

(Lucky show # 13: Interview details below...)
When I woke up to find more technical difficulties with my "Gizmo", my blurry eyes most likely looked disappointed, however when the jingle rang and Ghada and Chris from "I heart NZ" were on the other line, my eyes lit up.

They are refreshing to talk to, really refreshing, they are a young couple from different ends of the earth and celebrate their friendship together on their podcast in New Zealand, it's called,
"I heart NZ." as in, "I LOVE NEW ZEALAND!". Click on the Gcast Player to listen.

The show is ran by Chris and Ghada who have been featured on places such as the Daily Source code (The "Pod Father" Adam Curry's show, or for me that dude from head bangers ball) Podcast Pickle (a great database which Ghada was featured this past week), and the Expat Podcast (the latest greatest thing to hit the web from your campus to the world's mountains, uh hem.)

I'm extra glad that I go them today as it is Valentine's day in New Zealand as I write.

In the show we cover:

An Italian Kiwi grope / rescue
Hobbits and tourism
The geography of New Zealand
The Gizmo project
The podcasting community
Why there is no itunes in New Zealand (some thing they should change)
Why you have to enter your cc information to podcast free (again, change)
Chris's travels abroad, a mention of his hippy parents Combi adventures
How the " I heart NZ " folks met
Details of living abroad.
...Enthusiasm, good humor, and a whole lot more.

The fact is if you listen to this podcast, you will be in better mood. If not, there is no love for you this Valentine's Day.

Thanx for coming on the Expat Podcast Chris and Ghada, you are two warm spirits that make the world a brighter place. Good luck and enjoy the ride to the top of podcasting from the valleys and hills of NZ.

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