Thursday, May 25, 2006

Argentina en 3 minutos: Revolution

Post covers:

1.Day off, it's Argentine independence day with the May Revolution
2.Expat Trends
3.Brazil is likely to win the upcoming world cup. SEE BELOW

Expatriate policies grabber from

2005/06 International Assignments Survey

Mercer Consulting

There was a theory once that the traditional expatriate was becoming extinct, wiped out by rising costs and the difficulty of persuading dual-career couples to move, both at the same time, half way round the world. However, a new report from Mercer, a firm of consultants, suggests that the extinction theory is on hold. Expatriates are keeping international removals firms in business like never before: 44% of the multinational companies surveyed had increased the number of international assignments that they had sent people on over the past two years.

These expats, however, were not traditional in at least two important respects. One, they were sent on relatively short assignments that were measured in months rather than years. Today, such assignments, says the report's author, “are more likely to be perceived as an integral part of an employee's career development”. Secondly, many more of them were women. Women have increased from 8% of expatriate workers five years ago to 13% today. The increase has been particularly marked in Latin America.


Damn right. Women know what is up, and so do the fellas that follow them.

A little story...

Yesterday I was off to meet a doctor friend of mine who helped start at Swiss Medical Group for insurance and lo and behold, I had an English cab driver!

His English wasn't actually that good considering he moved to BsAs when he was a baby, but whoa baby! listen to what this man said in Spanish "I think that Brazil is going to win the World Cup, I am not stupid." He is also not Argentinian, I think ARG has a good shot at the cup, however, I would have to agree with that chap's comment completely, read a bbc article why... here.

viva el Día de la Revolución de Mayo.


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