Saturday, May 27, 2006

1 Everest Climber found Alive!

Well, the Australian guy is alive anyhow. The English guy had about 100 people walk past him until he died.

That´s F%%king terrible. It´s no surprise however as people that have money and goals will hardly let the decent thing stop thing in thier pursuits.

Do you know what the first cracker who climbed Everest about 50 years ago said about these rich bastards and their gortex courage?

Sir Edmund Hillary, who was on the team that first summitted Everest in 1953, called it "horrifying" that climbers would leave a dying man.

I agree. Also Everest has been done, I don´t see the point of it if the pioneering spirit has been conquered, Everest is well past the point of sloppy seconds, I mean even Sir Edmund had a sherpa guide go with him ascenting second. Thank god for those little fellas, otherwise our Aussie friend might have bit the big one, read more here.

Here´s some more good news about the sherpas who happen to live in the Himaylan region AND make ascent for the rich foreigners- passerbyers possible. Can you imagine these guys go there to improve the community or build it? No way, most just erode land, resources, and more frequently morals. Here´s that good news. The article is explains that because a local stripped naked on top of Everest and the authorities were looking into mountain climbing CODES he may have broke.

Man Alive! How about the 100 or so that decided not to help the dying, are these "church goers", "family men" or human beings at all, god... getting naked is great. That´s why I consider that little buddha dude a pioneer, and the real criminals the the wealthy lemmings who passed both the Australian and English men to die dead (freezing to their deaths no less) feet from the onward warpath... except in war people brave artillery for survivors. It appears most mountain climbers are too good for that, the aussie was saved by an American by the way, however I don´t know if any passed him on thier way to selfish glory.


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