Saturday, February 18, 2006

Why Hellllllo from England - FTDC Interview

Thanks for check out the expat podcast, or as the cool kids are calling, Xpatpod.

Tonight we have our first "Tech" interview (for those of you who wonder what the bloody 'ell is podcasting/skype/gizmo/googletalk/etc) with Sebastian at or FTDC, From the Director's chair podcast.

Here's a comment Sebastian wrote on his blog about the experience.

I just had the best experience, it was so good infact that it is 12:42 on a college night and I am blogging about this. I was just interviewed by Ryan of the Expat Podcast at and it went really well. Ryan is an English teacher who is currently working in Argentina. We had a very interesting discussion about current affairs in tech, general tech tips, talked about my interests, and of course the FTDC Podcast.

I just had the best time during the interview, relaxed and got into it. What was really nice was the discussion that Ryan and I had after we turned off the recorder courtesy of Gizmo Project. Along with some very nice compliments I recieved some questions about general tech issues etc, things I was happy to talk about.

Overall my experience being interviewed tonight I don't think could have been any better. Thank you Ryan and I cannot wait for the episode to be released, from what I gathered from Ryan on the show, it will be an extra long podcast for the Expat Podcast when my interview airs.

I enjoyed the talk too, suerte!

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-Ryan the host


Blogger Sebastian Prooth said...

Hello Listeners of the XpatPod!

I really did enjoy being on the show with Ryan, he's a great host, he dosn't knwo this but I am going to be talk to him about an interview soon, looks like he know's it now!

If you enjoyed the show, or you want to talk to me personally about something that I am working on, be it my show, website, my book etc please check for all the ways to contact me.

Thanks again for having me Ryan and I'll be in touch.

-Sebastian Prooth
From The Director's Chair Podcast

2/18/2006 9:30 PM  

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