Saturday, April 08, 2006

What do we want? Democracy. When do we want it¿ Now!

Let me open with some questions to those born in the United States. (please comment.)

'Do you think that the most unpopular war in history is going to go away?

'Do you think that you are helping the political process in your country?

'When the 87% shiite population in Iraq votes, do you not think they will join their brothers in Iran?

'Do you know about some indigenous Americans have the end of human history marked on their calender for 2012?

'Do you know they could be off by a few years?

'Do you know the American energy companies are losing their influence in the oil states at a quick rate?

'Do you know that America is the biggest consumer of oil?

'Do you know that OIL IS NOT PRODUCED. It is extracted and buried in a limited supply?

'Do you know that pessimist say we will crescendo with oil around 2010 and that the optimist think that it will hold until 2025 or so?

'Do you know that your gas pump prices will never go down again?

'Do you know that the government does not spend money that is not yours?

'Do you know how apathetic and isolated you look from abroad?

'Do you know that one day I was watching Anderson Cooper in the rain and thinking that it was the comedy channel, the next day The Daily Show came on within the CNN Network?

'Do you know the Daily show was created by a very smart woman?

'Do you know I once commented that Married with Children was the downfall of western civilization?

'Do know FOX news is not owned by a American born fellow, but an old Australian who pumps conservative views for ratings as his greater family is likely not a stakeholder in American politics?

'Do you know FOX promotes liberal television shows to maximizing viewers, thus playing both sides, the fools who watch liars, and the fools who watch make believe as his greater family is likely not a stakeholder in American politics?

'Did you know This fool watches the Simpsons, and loves it?

'Did you know that I sing the blues as the Simpsons release a movie as they just might be jumping the shark?

'Did you know the Simpsons are popular worldwide and have different lovable voices in Latin America?

'Did you know you know that the Simpson´s voices are recorded in Mexico by people that get paid roughly $700 a week and were recently in a power struggle with FOX who would not give them a raise?

'Did you know I don´t have a TV? Did you know that the phrase TV will rot your brain, is really related to the fact that you could be doing something else?

'Do moms still push their kids to outside and play when the sun shines?

'Did you know that the blogging and podcasting will replace traditional media?

'Did you know that their isn´t a way major broadcasters can make money on this as individuals get better at what they are doing?

'Did you know that PBS and NPR are running out of funding?

'Did you know when I first came abroad i was so happy to be American, but less proud to admit it?

'Did you know that when people ask where you are from Abroad, a common answer is that they do not like the United States, but the people are OK?

'Did you know that OK has the roughly the same meaning as mas o menos?

'Did you know that Iraq is completely out of control and instead of stabilizing US presence there and influencing our power?

'Did you know 87% percent of the people there want a time frame for withdrawal or troops?

'Did you know I 100% want a time frame for withdrawal of troops?

'Did you know that George W. Bush leaked a classified document but their is not time-date stamp of when this was declassified, aka no formal clearance?

'Did you know that I would like to consult a US constitution on this matter
'Do you know of any?

'Did you know that you could listen to Democracy Now, because it is not right or left, it is Democracy in the now?

'Did you know that if think that things are right or left before listen, you are always wrong?

'Did you know that I not only Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) & I also Teach Peace and Understanding as a local language (TPULL)?

'Did you know I that I know peace and understanding aren´t popular and that I think we should challenge that notion before some of these questions are answered?

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Ryan is the host of Expat Podcast in Buenos Aires Argentina and a TEFL Trainer at TEFLocal too.

Here is a lttle something extra that I added, watch the video and make up your own mind.



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