Sunday, April 02, 2006

John Perry Barlow: One cool cat.

I often read up on the future of the internet and where it is all leading. I think that with mobile technology, movments like FON, and Skype it's easy to see that in the future Google will be the dominate player and often catches your eye, but other things do too: Swarm intelligence, the open source community, the two Steves (Apple, Inc. founders) but where are the individuals? Where is th L. Ron Hubbard of it all, excuse me, LRH is simply a sci-fi writer, but not nearly as talented as PKD... uhem, in any case, where is the father of cyberspace? I think it might be this fellow below, John Perry Barlow.

I liked the fact that he wrote in his short biography that he wants to be remembered as a good ancestor, that is very cool. My ancestry lives in the Sioux blood of American soil and the rocks of Ireland, but so what, what am I going to do to make the world a better place? Only time can answer that, I hope to be remembered for something worthwile, I hope that you are too. John will.

I have posted some pictures of me in North America last month, both in a Mexico border town and in LA off Hollywood Blvd (Oscar night) in the United States. Cheers.


John Perry Barlow

Born, Jackson Hole, Wyoming October 3, 1947

John Perry Barlow is a former Wyoming rancher and Grateful Dead lyricist. He graduated in 1969 with High Honors in comparative religion from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.

More recently, he co-founded and still co-chairs the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He was the first to apply the term Cyberspace to the "place" it presently describes.

He has written for a diversity of publications, including Communications of the ACM, Mondo 2000, The New York Times, and Time. He has been on the masthead of Wired Magazine since it was founded. His piece on the future of copyright, "The Economy of Ideas" is taught in many law schools and his "Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace" is posted on thousands of web sites.

In 1997, he was a Fellow at Harvard's Institute of Politics and has been, since 1998, as a Berkman Fellow at the Harvard Law School.

He works actively with several consulting groups, including Diamond Technology Partners, Vanguard, and Global Business Network.

In June 1999, FutureBanker Magazine named him "One of the 25 Most Influential People in Financial Services He writes, speaks, and consults on a broad variety of subjects, particularly digital economy.

He lives in Wyoming, New York, San Francisco, On the Road, and in Cyberspace. He has three teenaged daughters and aspires to be a good ancestor.


Anonymous JB said...

Watch out on putting PDK over LRH... you don't want to arouse the litigous wrath of 'you know who'... (not that I disagree)

4/05/2006 2:07 AM  

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