Monday, May 01, 2006

May 1: HayDay May Day jut anudder day hey?

That's Wisconsin speak. I would know, I wrote it and I am from Wisconsin. Wisconsin has so much to offer, but let's talk about Chicago, the reason my state has a tourism industry.


That MAY DAY (2day) is really a holiday, yah hey... I know you are think, hay dare! And you should, you should also never start a sentence with the word And, but there is no real rule for it.

Kind of like the 8 glasses de agua a day thing. Yeah, no real studies.

...but this is not why I write 2nite. iwryteb/ciluvwrds. and Wisconsin, and earth, and travel. But mostly I just love days off from work. Like today, May 1st, 2006.

That's because about 120 year ago give or tahhhh... no that's right. Uhem, 120 years there was a big hullabaloo about workers rights in Chicago. It was about fairness, and taking your kids to the park, and working less, and freedom baby, freedom.

So what's up with that? I work at a school on the bottom of the Earth in Buenos Aires, and we have off, i'm the head admin so I say, but still... i almost forgot. My friend who just turned 25 said to me as I informed her of coming to work early in Monday me dijo, "LUNES!! estas jodiando?!" SO, all i really wanted to say without video, or a podcast, is that the history of May day should be remember and understood and that workers rights matter. Do you work? There you go... we all do (OR SHOULD, THERE IS SO MUCH INJUSTICE). Equal pay for equal play - just like the MLB guys in the late ninties, er, wait, that made me stop following professional baseball, but football... another story.
So I think strikes are good things in bowling and life, they give us a voice, like blogging, and vlogging, and after two pitchers and a spare in bowling, "whoo hoo" to history, May Day, Hay(dare)Market Square, and the city of Chicago who will be working it's ass off tomorrow as I go for a stroll in the park and try to find a wild dog to play with.


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Odd - I just posted a couple of pics andcomment about paseadores de perros.

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