Friday, February 24, 2006

Embedded journalist

Fri FEB 25 2006
I am currently embedded in the United States.

Many urbanites appear to be powered by cells that give them the appearance of androids, this is new to me, alot of things are, I have been away and this place changes fast.

There was an interactive t.v. in the back of a taxi last night, everyone seems bored by the olympics now and feel silver is sufficient things have changed.
Our shipping ports were to be sold abroad without presidential knowledge. I just heard the one about Dick Cheney.

Jesus H... It is a strange clean place, this Chi-cago.

I must return to the world and scale the fence they are building between Mexico and Berlin, I must walk barefoot on desert earth outside of the walls of fortress America.

p.s. I have a few posts to post, thanks From the Director's chair Podcast, and Ipodtraveller, I have been traveling and working my way up to the land of Lincoln. It's a battle ship for me next.
Stay tuned for more expat news.

p.p.s. The photo was taken by a peace core volunteer Terry taking snapshots of the skyline and I was on a 5 -6k run along the beach @ about 20 degrees... fahrenheit, so that's cold brother.


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