Sunday, March 26, 2006

"500,000 March is unbelievable"

Believe it. The USA is supposed to be a metling pot, not a tossed salad of people "not really" mixing within their own communities dontcha' think? (read more about the largest March in Los Angeles history here at the LA Times.) ARTICLE 2

I find it surprising that local la police forces had no idea the march would be so big, "to serve and protect" the key word serve Authorities seem very reactionary to me in my multiple experiences with them and my view of them in the media. and there is cops...

I have this friend who tricked me once whilst in a traffic jam, he said, "man i guess all this traffic is becuase they are filming "cops" in town." " i exclaimed,"oh really!" "no." was his answer. ha ha, try it on friends of your own sometime.

In any case, take a moment to think about civil rights today, state powers, political behavior, and v for vendetta if you have the time.

PODCAST: Oh yes, i have been dealing with broken computers and uploading issues for both From the Director chairs podcast and Thanks for the fan mail too. Enjoy these background blues...



Hi Ryan,
Thanks for the heads up on this. We listened to the broadcast. Wow, thanks for the kind words about CS!

Yeah, we'd love to be interviewed. I guess I'd have to come down to Argentina, huh? Sounds like a good enough reason to me.

On a side note, there's actually a guy going to Argentina who's probably making a documentary about CS. His username is HSDOC, real name is Barry Floch. I'm sure he's love to get together with you and pick your brain. Contact him if you have the time.

Thanks Ryan,
Annie 20-Mar-2006

This website is amazing... well designed and intelligent.. I love it from the first site.. especially it looks environmental friendly to me ! I have trouble with some links but I will try to get access to the show soon .... Keep up the good work Ryan !!!!
Annie (37%German+50%Chinese+10% undecided ) ;-)
Anthony Ansola for (Nolan Apostle)` 10-Mar-2006

We would like to speak with you about what you are doing. My boss thinks it is very interesting and he is very impressed.
Parash Mani Pathak 16-Feb-2006

Podcast is exciting for me . Today unfortunatlty i find this , and i am happy about your approch of prsentation . I wish you succes in your work
tony 12-Feb-2006

i love your podcast! i'm an ex-pat podcast addict (i live in beijing and i'm currently making two podcasts .... AND ) ......
do you want to trade links?

Werner 12-Feb-2006

Hi Rayn,
i am deeply impressed by your idea to keep in touch and exchange information especially if one is somewhere on earth like me.
As a German citizien I've been working in Dhaka/Bangladesh for the time being.
Charles Hodgson 01-Feb-2006

A very impressive presence. I found you through your press release. I'd be interested to know how successfull you find it to be since I too am trying to build listenership for my podcast podictionary.


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