Saturday, March 25, 2006

Big F**king bombs...


I went with my class today downtown and boy oboy did I want them 2 have fun, but w/ DISCRECTION: kids with wood and nail, explosives, smoke, yelling, plenty o policia... and until we heard the first explosions that made people deaf, i don't think they understood the severity of the 30th anniversiry of the dictorship in Argentina that well...

Well about .02 seconds after the first explosion (about 30 meters from us and a burning effigy) half the students wanted to leave and half :) wanted to stay. I said "rat you own risk!" and cool enough nothing bad happened. Thank dio, and I don't mean Ronny James... In any case we ended up going to El Federal, on account that Des Nivel was full, but we have been there and wanted to take the students to a new place. Cool enough. Everyone had a great time and I was glad so glad to back in Argentina where my blood runs better, have I blogged about the US? I hope not, not much going on worthwhile really. Fo' real. it's ok, but they are plugged in and clearly haven't read the latest Newsweek (update: things look grim for Uncle Samuel)

And us... but what are you going to do, TEFLocal has had a great run and if it gets shut down because of fat cats with millions of more dollars to our hundres well, #1. f**k them, and #2 it was great. I hope it continues.

much love.

-Ryan the host.


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