Saturday, February 04, 2006

Our 10th Show: Bolero - Marisol - Shout outs!

Thanks for checking out the 10th episode of the XpatPod. Today is our first bi-lingual interview and some songs from our featured artist today. The guest, is Marisol Otero, she has sang in front of the POPE!!! She is also a freind of mine, and a student of mine as well.

Feel free to check out her website and music videos here

So listen up to the first Spanglish Podcast / 10th show (I can't believe we have made it this far! jaja)

I would also like to thank Casey Fenton from Couchsurfing for my first non-fam fan mail. We had discussed couch surfing in a previous interview, and the couch surfers heard the Expat Podcast and are open to an interview in the future, yet the date to be determined. Congrats on your 50,000th "couch surfer" today.

This week will be fun, we will have more guests, an embedded movie critic, and hopefully we will also feature a world weather reporter as well. See my main website here.

Happy 1st birthday Anna!

Thanks for listening. -Ryan

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Music for embedded MC's

An old neighborhoodie released his book today, Attention Deficit Disorder. I released Hip hop for embedded MC's, So I guess we are kinda doing the same thing.

Part two of Jill Interview (Listen for her Eminen Demo Tape Story!)


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hot Interview with Latin Superstar...

Yeah the title is right, but I would say sightly... misleading. You see it's hot, as in fresh of the presses, BUT it didn't go as planned, so it's not really all that and i will have to try again. We had audio problems, so I will have set up another interview and that is that. Here is a link to today's guest, Marisol Otero. It's kind of incredible, I didn't know she was THAT popular. I guess I should turn on my local radio a little more and podcast a little less.

I will try to release the second interview with Jill tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The remarkable voice of my latest guest.

No folks, that was not upgraded audio. That was the remarkable voice of Ms. Jill Goldsberry. If you are intersted in finding out more about her or what she does, email the And yes, I know I did not edit the last few seconds where as I said I would in the interview, sometimes it sounds better as raw audio.

Get ready for another short interview with Jill again tomorrow.



New show added 5:30 Eastern

A new show has been added, it is a twenty minute interview with one of NY's finest, no not a cop, a fashion maven. Perhaps, I shouldn't go that far, but if you listen to the interview, you will find out some insider tips about: PR, Fashion, Travel, Hip Hop, and my favorite part of the discussion, couchsurfing.

Yes folks, the profession loafer has arrived.

Please tune in to find out more.

Part 1 of 2.

Yahoo and Google News Article - Celebrity News Abroad.


Thanks for checking out the Expat Podcast Show. We were featured in Yahoo News! and Google News! today so that is pretty exciting. We also took the liberty to email the show to Malcolm Gladwell whom we are going to see speak in a few weeks. Perhaps we will have him on the show. If not, that is fine, we are not impressed by celebrities, but his writing sure makes you think!

Well, just in case some of our readers and listeners would like to hear some celebrities, we are releasing a story about Emenim's early days later today and interviewing local singing sensation Marisol, she is a student of mine whom has toured Europe and has had her own reality show in Argentina and now a podcast.

Get ready for many more guests next week, I am going to try to shoot for four interviews. Hasta pronto y ciao.

-Ryan, Host of the

Monday, January 30, 2006

33 hits and rising...

I was glad to see that I am already getting hits for I worked hard on that site and think that it shows. If you would like to check it out, I am posting an interview today, here.

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