Friday, March 03, 2006

Mexico ' Hard drugs and hookers in .05 mins...

Tijuana, Mexico

That's right, i just took the infamous walk across the border into Mexico where the sun is bright and people are helpful... take my cab driver Luis for instance.

me' Hola, ┬┐cual es tu nombre...
him' No importa, es tu accento de chile, quieres muchachas?
me' No, pero gracias, tengo hambre, donde estan las resturantes?
him' No importa, nesisetias chicas y te gustas las drugas?
me' No gracias, actuallamente, yo solo quiero...
him' Bueno, vamos a comprar tacos y Marlin y chicas!! ┬┤{Honk}

Instant friends. Even though i professed that after much tequila it would be possible to take a look t what he had in mind, I told him pretty much no, and that I was just hungry. He faithfully insisted I go to some places off the beatan beaten path, and when I once again told him I was fine and just in mood for tacos as we don{t really have thim in South America, he laughed and said they have plenty of tacos where he wanted to take me, mexican, american, black, white, all ages, I shrugged, said thanks and made sure to give him a hearty North American handshake and take his card. We also had him agree for the both of us that he would drive by a certain corner in one hour and pick me up t take me to his friend{s taco stand.

Sory about the misspellings, this keyboard isn{t like the one{s in Argentina or the States, it{s crazy loco, kind of like my first 5 minutes back in the promised land.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Who called the Cops?

"Fake Diego" is what i wanted to call this place my first few days. The community has what seems to be unlimited money and everything is brand spanking new.

Even the cop cars. I was walking around town and amazed just how conditioned the drivers and pedestrians were to the laws... and then, as I walked into the Hostel where I am staying, a heard a honk and saw a big gas guzzing american made cop car, with a cop standing in front of it.

He asked where I was from twice, and after that he explained that the green light means walk and the hand says don't walk, I was going to try to tell him that to me, the hand sign just reminds me of Help Argentina, but I'm not sure he understood where that was. He let me off, but damn, one week in the country and I have been ID'd like twenty times in five states. Loco.

Gotta go, I have to ready for a party abroad the USS Midway, but before that I am going to watch Rocky 5 again with people who watched it this morning already, i hope they don't spoil the ending for me, I hear that this one is a real american nail biter. chao.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Sandy eggo


I had burnt Eggos (sandy-like grit) this morning and boarded a plane for San Diego, hence the clever title. I am here for a teacher's convention and am looking forward to the keynote speaker tomorrow. That's it, i gotta go. See you in Mexico soon.