Sunday, March 12, 2006

Chicago Orange Line from the Border

On my 7:00 a.m. flight from SFO to Midway airport in Chicago, I experienced a bizarre landing. Once the plane landed everybody clicked on their cell phones and went to town. It was so bad I almost put my hand up to my head like the international phone/party sign and started talking to myself... Luckily an older guy next to me asked, "what is going on?" I suppose he meant the static status of the line, but I was glad to answer a little louder than normal, "Well, it's clear their is a great disconnect in our society that pushes us to contact the voice in the machine over human beings we just shared a unique tavel experieince with.! " His answer was, " I guess so..." After hearing this, I saw another man wince, one lady let me aside, and then the man whose face winced ear lit up, he flashed smile and started talkling into thin air with a man named, Mortimer..."

After we got off the plane, I made my way to the luggage and took a long seat. There i took a long look, and realized that just about 1 in 10 had a tron cell stuck into their ears. A little bit pretencious, a little bit of warmth, and a whole lot of indication of lackke things to come. E.G. Number 234234 are you there?, your RIM Blackberry is not responding. Yes, ye, yes sir, 234234 here sir, what can you make me do for you? Our privacy is vanishing at an alarming rate, our rights are evaporating even faster.

On the EL ride home to the cushy Northside I noticed an unusual amount of Mexican flags and families on the train. I had to help a few as i realized a number of the passangers didn't speak English, the Quincy stop proved why. There had to be at least 100,000 protester downtown cheering, jeering, and demanding equal rights.

I'll be damned if any of those privledged with the corks stuck their ears heard the real cry and demands from the poor, beaten, immigrant who deseave everything other American ancestors got. Stick it ATA flight 909.


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