Friday, March 03, 2006

Mexico ' Hard drugs and hookers in .05 mins...

Tijuana, Mexico

That's right, i just took the infamous walk across the border into Mexico where the sun is bright and people are helpful... take my cab driver Luis for instance.

me' Hola, ┬┐cual es tu nombre...
him' No importa, es tu accento de chile, quieres muchachas?
me' No, pero gracias, tengo hambre, donde estan las resturantes?
him' No importa, nesisetias chicas y te gustas las drugas?
me' No gracias, actuallamente, yo solo quiero...
him' Bueno, vamos a comprar tacos y Marlin y chicas!! ┬┤{Honk}

Instant friends. Even though i professed that after much tequila it would be possible to take a look t what he had in mind, I told him pretty much no, and that I was just hungry. He faithfully insisted I go to some places off the beatan beaten path, and when I once again told him I was fine and just in mood for tacos as we don{t really have thim in South America, he laughed and said they have plenty of tacos where he wanted to take me, mexican, american, black, white, all ages, I shrugged, said thanks and made sure to give him a hearty North American handshake and take his card. We also had him agree for the both of us that he would drive by a certain corner in one hour and pick me up t take me to his friend{s taco stand.

Sory about the misspellings, this keyboard isn{t like the one{s in Argentina or the States, it{s crazy loco, kind of like my first 5 minutes back in the promised land.


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