Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Where is the audio in San Francisco

Amoeba Music baby. The podcasting? Oh.. right. Well, I have been busy. I brought my equipment as far as Tiajuna, and while I could've interviewed Luis (see previous post) I di'ent.

The fact is the expat podcast isn't as fun to do in my home country. So, I will return to the cast of characters I met once I am again safely abroad. A hostel in San Diego, a couch in LA, and the floor in San Fransisco... It just gets better.

I have had a fun time, but it has been a whirlwind, I was aboard an aircraft carrier, i went to the pre-oscar show in LA, saw my old house in San Francisco amidst a heavy rain and sliding brasiliain flip-flops.

In fact, i'll level with you, I jhust wrote this post and tried to spell check it, it erased it, so I am now going to make a statement. No more spell check, that's it, why do we rely on it anyway, most great writers don't, they rely on an editor, so please, edit these post all you want without changing the meaning aka spellcheck it if this bothers you.

So, one more week here, tomorrow is wine country to see relatives and little cousin's that got big. I will write again soon with tales of gutterpunks from the Haight and Ben and Jerry's at Ashbury... still going sine I was here, what a long strange trip is has been. toodles.


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